Treatment programs are chosen based on cooling tower system parameters and system metallurgy.  Biological control will consist of a non-oxidizing and an oxidizing biocide.

Custom Treatment Objectives:
Effective Legionella Prevention
Biological Control
Fungal Control
Algae Control

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WTS | First Defense utilities on line eMaint CMMS software for work orders.   All work orders for service will generate a Service Report.  All data will be maintained and easily tracked for trends and historical data.  Service Report data is shared with customers.

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Maximize chiller efficiency

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Maximize tower efficiency



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Maintain system integrity

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Maintain system reliability

WTS First Defense will utilize procedures from both OSHA Section III Chapter 7, ASHRAE Standard 188, and ASHRAE guideline 12-2000 for minimizing the risk of Legionellosis associated with building water systems.  In particular inspections will be utilized to ensure the systems are clean to eliminate the source of nutrients for Legionella and other forms of bacteria. Distribution trays along with cold water basins will be periodically checked for debris or other visible signs of fouling.