Cleaning Chemicals

There are many factors in determining the most effective sanitization protocol for a given cooling system. Establishing a single protocol for every situation would not be practical. These guidelines merely provide a minimum expectation of what should be done, industry experience and system knowledge will allow the water treatment expert to prescribe the most effective solution. That is why certified, licensed, and experienced water treatment professionals should be used.

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OUR PROCEDURES comply with all state requirements for cooling tower disinfection

Online Disinfection

Dose the cooling tower water system with either a different biocide or similar biocide at an increased concentration than currently used.

Online Decontamination

Dose the re-circulation water with a chlorine-based compound equivalent

System Decontamination

Maintain free residual halogen, drain and flush with disinfected water; clean wetted surface; refill free residual halogen.  Reestablish treatment and retest for verification of treatment