Years of Combined Experience

of our work-staff are Veterans

Our Company Values

Trust and Integrity:  We believe that honorable, truthful, and reliable behavior is essential in all actions.  We deeply value our customer’s trust and work hard every day to further that relationship.

Respect:  We will treat our customers, each other, and ourselves in a manner of mutual respect that is essential for a team that has a shared goal of being a leader in our industry.

Action Our employees have the skills to make sound decisions and are empowered to act on those decisions.  They are encouraged to consider metrics, but make human decisions.

We invest in our employees. Training is key to helping our employees be more efficient for our customers. Our technicians regularly attend Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) training’s, OSHA 10 General Industry training and obtain state EPA refrigerant licenses.

Employee safety is our #1 priority!  All field technicians complete OSHA 10 General Industry Training.  In addition, we have a safety committee that regularly reviews policies and procedures to ensure our employees, customers and vendors are not exposed to unsafe conditions.  We encourage our employees to identify opportunities for improvement to daily routine tasks that do not compromise safety.  

WTS | First Defense dedicates support for long-term operational sustainability for our customers. This method forms the basis regarding maintenance approach, employee training and management that creates maintenance activities.

It is your facility and your information. All preventative maintenance and repair work orders are entered on-line and available to each customer 24×7.

Automated Tracking System provides access to real time data and to identify trends. This gives our customer confidence and the ability to make informed decisions.