Operational Sustainability

Consistency – Reduce Risk – Build Culture

Achieving Operational Excellence

Operational Sustainability verifies that practices and procedures are in place to avoid preventable errors, maintain IT functionality and support effective site operation.


Establish Consistency


Reduce Incidents/Errors


Drive Improvements

Key Behaviors of Operational Sustainability

These behaviors allow our clients to reduce risk related to human errors, while also achieving business goals, increased efficiency and, overall operational sustainability.

Staffing & Organization

Assessment of staffing planned processes, documentation of qualifications by role and documentation around organizational charts and escalation paths.


Assessment of staff training plans, including methods of procedure

Planning, Coordination & Management

Assessment of documented site policies, financial processes, process documentation and capacity management plan

Operating Conditions

Assessment of operating and management procedures in the facility.



Assessment of maintenance plans and procedures including vendor support plans, predictive and deferred maintenance, life-cycle planning for equipment and facilities and failure analysis programs.