No two systems are the same.  All require a custom designed treatment program based on operating parameters and system metallurgy.

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Typically soft water treatment will consist of an application of salt-pellets as necessary by the system. We will make every attempt to minimize the use and need for soft water makeup by making the systems as efficient as possible.

Softener Maintenance – Softener maintenance will be provided in accordance with OEM manuals.  Our technicians will run operational analysis carefully watching the effluent quality.  This will include backwash, regeneration, rinsing timing and verification for proper control.  Water softener resin capacities will be monitored and checked frequently to ensure efficiency.

WTS | First Defense utilities on line eMaint CMMS software for work orders.   All work orders for service will generate a Service Report.  All data will be maintained and easily tracked for trends and historical data.  Service Report data is shared with customers.